What Is Regional Finance

What Is Regional Finance

Interested in learning more about Regional Finance? This lending company has been a key player in the financial industry for nearly a century, specializing in offering personal and online installment loans. With a recent successful asset-backed securitization, Regional Finance continues to expand its reach and support individuals in managing their finances. But what sets them apart from other lending institutions? Stay tuned to uncover the unique products and services they offer, as well as their strategic financial focus that keeps them ahead of the competition.

Company Overview

Regional Finance, headquartered in Greer, South Carolina, specializes in offering personal loans designed to meet various financial needs. The company focuses on providing fixed-rate, fixed-term loans, including online installment loans, to individuals seeking financial assistance.

Whether customers require funds for planned expenses such as home improvements or unexpected costs like medical bills, Regional Finance aims to support individuals in effectively managing their finances. Additionally, the company offers online banking services for added convenience, streamlining the loan process and facilitating payment management.

Through tailored loan options that cater to specific customer needs, Regional Finance aims to serve as a dependable financial resource within the community.

Headquarters and Locations

Located at 979 Batesville Road, Suite B, in Greer, South Carolina, Regional Finance’s headquarters serves as the central operational base for the company’s personal loan and financial services.

Established in 1927, Regional Finance specializes in the lending industry, offering personal loans for various purposes such as debt consolidation, auto repairs, and travel expenses. The company also extends online installment loans in Texas on a fixed-rate, fixed-term basis.

Operating within the financial services sector, Regional Finance not only provides personal loans but also offers accounts and online banking services to its clientele.

The South Carolina headquarters plays a pivotal role in coordinating the company’s multiple locations, ensuring the effective provision of financial solutions to individuals in need.

Latest News and Funding

Regional Finance recently completed a $187 million asset-backed securitization, supported by $215.7 million in receivables. The securitization resulted in Class A notes receiving an AAA rating, with 87% of the debt being fixed-rate.

Investors, including Riata Capital Group, participated in this funding round, indicating confidence in Regional Finance’s financial standing and growth prospects. This securitization marks the tenth successful one for Regional Finance, demonstrating its ability to attract investments and secure favorable terms, strengthening its position in the financial sector.

Products and Services

Regional Finance offers a selection of personal loan services to address diverse financial requirements, including debt consolidation and unforeseen expenses. The key features of their services are:

  1. Fixed-Rate, Fixed-Term Loans: Regional Finance offers borrowers the benefit of stability through structured fixed-rate, fixed-term loans.

  2. Installment Loans: Customers in Texas can access online installment loans from Regional Finance, providing them with repayment flexibility.

  3. Planned and Unplanned Expenses: Regional Finance assists individuals in managing both planned expenditures like furniture purchases and unexpected financial emergencies such as auto repairs.

Since its establishment in 1927, the company has been committed to offering loan services and accounts to meet the financial needs of its clients.

Investors, Competitors, Financial Focus

Regional Finance is supported by Riata Capital Group, a company specializing in consumer finance and financial services. Fluro is a key competitor that also offers various financial products, particularly aimed at individuals who aren’t well served by traditional banks.

Established in 1932, Regional Finance focuses on debt consolidation loans, credit-building programs, and credit management services, primarily serving residents of Texas. Their main emphasis is on providing fixed-rate, fixed-term loans for planned and unexpected expenses.

Regional Finance operates in the lending sector, offering loan services, accounts, and online banking options to individuals seeking financial support.

Credit Score and Reports

Understanding your credit score and regularly monitoring your credit reports are essential components of managing your financial well-being. Here are some reasons why it’s crucial:

  1. Loan Approvals: Financial institutions heavily consider your credit score when determining whether to approve your loan applications. A good credit score increases your chances of getting approved for loans.

  2. Interest Rates: Your credit score plays a significant role in determining the interest rates you’ll be offered on loans and credit cards. A higher credit score can lead to lower interest rates, ultimately saving you money over time.

  3. Credit Health: Consistently making on-time payments and maintaining a low credit utilization ratio are fundamental for preserving good credit health. Regularly monitoring your credit reports can help you stay informed about your credit standing and identify any errors or issues that need attention.


Overall, Regional Finance is a reputable lending company that offers personalized loan solutions to help individuals manage their finances.

With a focus on fixed-rate, fixed-term loans and debt consolidation options, Regional Finance aims to support customers in achieving their financial goals.

If you’re in need of financial assistance for planned or unplanned expenses, Regional Finance may be a reliable option to consider.